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Displeasure Among Ghanaian Actors, Actresses & Film Enthusiasts Over Telenovelas On Ghanaian Screens, Says It All!!

“I just got to know that my colleague filmmakers in Kumawood have started this campaign today. I should be holding the second placard from left. These Indian and Mexicans soaps are major contributing factors to the declination of the Ghana movie industry.” Actor Eddie Nartey ranted.

“I’m so happy that people are talking about it finally. What stories are these Mexican, Indian telenovelas telling that we haven’t told already and retold over and over again; is it a poor girl meets a rich man story. Big deal we have done it over and over. I guess what they say is true Africans believe everything black is substandard!” Yvonne Okoro fumed.

Prince David Osei

“Almost every TV station you tune in lately is either showing a Mexican or Indian soap. My fellow Ghallywood actors, let’s wake up, speak up, and stop the hypocrisy else we all be out of job soon. That’s if some of us are not already out. This is the time.” Prince David Osei insisted.

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It is a known fact that movie actors and actresses in Ghana are on the verge of boycotting scripts, locations and so on because of the incessant and rampant showing of telenovelas on the Ghanaian screens to the public. Displeasure and fury looms as we recently heard of the soon-to-happen-revolt, starting from Kumasi and then in Accra and other regions.

Eddie Nartey

It would be recalled that not too long ago, the President of Ghana, came out to hammer that the constant showing of these telenovelas should gradually if not totally be put to an end. The issue there now, is that how well will this clarion call be heeded if most of the same marketers, producers and behind-the-door-‘big men’ are the ones funding and fueling these telenovelas into the system?

Hopefully, we hope that with the much needed support towards the movie industry, shall be restored and we shall start to appreciate our own actors, actress and producers’ works.


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