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I Am Disappointed President Akufo-Addo Invited Shatta Wale – Ayariga

The presidential candidate of the All People’s Congress (APC) has called out President Akufo-Addo for spending time with Shatta Wale at the Flagstaff House.

He talked about it to Joy News’ Emefa Nancy Dzradosi. Hassan Ayariga believes the First Gentleman should be focused on solving the numerous challenges facing the country. He should not rather be making merry with artistes.

“Our President is busy smiling and busy laughing all the time. You can imagine the kind of workload that is lying down.”

He expressed his disappointment at the President’s kind gesture to Shatta Wale. He further described President Akufo-Addo as a birthday reporter.

If the President was serious, I would have expected the President to invite leaders of the country to come and sit with him and ask them 10 months into my government what has gone wrong? How can we help build Ghana rather than being a birthday reporter,” the former presidential candidate said.

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Mr Ayariga indicates that the President has nothing to lose. This is because the Presidency has been offered to him as a retirement package.

Our President is 73 years old. The Presidency is a retirement package which he is enjoying. If you watch the President he is always laughing and smiling. He has nothing to lose,” he asserted.

The founder of the All People’s Congress described the President’s invitation to Shatta Wale as ‘unnecessary’.

It would seem that the brouhaha surrounding Shatta Wale’s visit to the President will not dying anytime soon.

However, art is important in every country. Therefore, it is right for the President to acknowledge the people in that industry. If the arts are ignored the lifeline of the country will be ignored as well.

Even though people have their reservations about the President’s actions, his action was commendable. This is because it has prompted other artistes to re-evaluate themselves.


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