A Dead Boy’s Body Was Dumped In Our Yard And His Spirit Has Been Haunting Us – Family Cries Out

A family has made a shocking confession about a dead boy’s spirit is haunting them viciously.

Mxolisi Mzoboshe of Bantubonke kasi. Photo by Nomzamo Yuku
A family has lived in constant fear since the father of the home identified as Mxolisi Mzoboshe discovered a dead body in their yard.
According to Daily Sun SA, the man one morning found the mutilated body of a boy which was found dumped in his yard three weeks ago.
Since then Mxolisi Mzoboshe and his family live in fear.
They said they need the relatives of Khanyile Faye to come and collect his restless spirit before it haunts them forever.
The 58-year-old from Bantubonke kasi in Mount Frere said his family hasn’t had peace since the body was dumped in his yard.
“It is customary that when someone dies at a certain place a cleansing ceremony should be performed by the family of the deceased and the affected home owners,” he said.
But in his case the cleansing ceremony is seemingly impossible because Mxolisi doesn’t know where or who the family of the dead Khanyile is. “I need to find them and perform this ritual to remove the dark spirits at my place.”
According to Mount Frere police spokeswoman Lieutenant Edith Mjoko, the body was taken to the police mortuary.
“Police are investigating a murder case. No arrests have yet been made.”
Sangoma Mamncotshe Sakela advised madala Mxolisi to get a sangoma to give him herbs to cleanse his family and the yard.
“A sheep must be slaughtered and umqombothi be brewed. The madala or a sangoma will have to talk to the dead spirit and instruct it to leave his premises,” she said.

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