DC Comics Announces That the New Batman Will Be Black

DC Comics have just revealed that the next Caped Crusader will be Tim Fox, a black man. This news was announced by the publisher on Thursday. Tim Fox is the alienated son of Lucius Fox, Bruce Wayne’s business manager. Fox originally appeared as a character in Batman in 1979. In the latest version where he plays Batman, his father Lucius has acquired the Wayne fortune and technology.

Fox will make his first appearance as the new Batman in the four-issue Future State: The Next Batman which comes out in January.

John Ridley, who came up with the screenplay of 12 Years a Slave, will write the new series, with Laura Braga and Nick Derington providing the art for the saga. In the new Batman series, the city finds itself under the control of the wicked Magistrate who has banned all masked vigilantes and Batman has been killed. Fox proves he’s the hero that Gotham needs when he rises to save the day.

The new series will see new people taking up the responsibilities of the comic publisher’s major characters. Jon has replaced his father Clark Kent to become the new Superman. Yara Flor, daughter of an Amazon and a Brazilian river god, will take up the role of Wonder Woman. The series is part of a special “event” called DC Future State that calls attention to sagas that explore the DC Universe’s future.

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Previously, while addressing the New York Times about his new project, Screenwriter Ridley had divulged that the next Batman would be a person of color. He said it was the first time his kids had been “genuinely excited” about his grind. “They appreciate the things that I do. They’re happy for me. They’re great supporters. But they would much rather see Black Panther than 12 Years a Slave, let’s be honest,” Ridley said back in November.

“So, to be able to write the next Batman, for them to know that this next Batman is going to be black, everybody else on the planet can hate it, have a problem with it, denigrate it, but I have my audience and they already love it,” he continued to say.


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