Days After Her Birthday, Read How Ghana’s Bibi Bright Got Scammed On Instagram By A Supposed-To-Be-Stylist!!

Actress, Bibi Bright just turned +1 recently and few days after her birthday, she got one of the shocks of her life when an Instagram scammer played (until she was forced to refund the fees) a fast one on her. The scammer’s name has been withheld because she later pleaded for mercy and did the needful, but we decided to continue with this interview so that others out there can take cautionary measures when dealing with ‘strangers’ online. Enjoy…

Hello Bibi, Happy Belated Birthday, How Did You Celebrate the Entire Mood, Moment?

Thank you, erm it was a quiet day for me. I was indoors the whole day, reflecting and planning for the next years to come. And I also spent few hours thanking my Creator.

People Make Wishes Every Time They Turn Plus One, What Wish Did You Make?

My wish has always been the same every year. To be the better person than I was a year before.

We Somehow Gathered From An Insider That As Part Of Your Birthday Celebrations, You Wanted To Make A Big ‘Announcement’, But You Have Chosen To Hold It For A Latter Day – What Was It That You Wanted To Make Public?

I am yet to say what it is but I am sure that African Entertainment will be the first to know what it’s time.

Do You Someday Want To Go Into Politics, Maybe For The ‘People’ You Love To See Smiles On Their Faces?

No I don’t see myself doing politics. I think there are so many other ways that I can serve my country with, other than politics. During the campaign process before the elections, I took it upon myself to give my quota of support to my country.

You Were Seen On TV Recently Lamenting About ‘The Hell’ Producers Go Through To Make Their Movies Reach Homes, Is That One Reason That Made You Take A Break From Producing Movies?

I only went into producing because times were hard and acting jobs were very scarce. I am an actress and that’s the only thing I wish to be. I only decided that I will stick to acting and leave the production to the producers. And yes production is one hectic job.

Recently, You Made A Clarion Call On Your Instagram Platform, Warning Your Fans About Social Media Scammers, What Was That Brief Shot All About?

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I was scammed by a lady (name withheld) on Instagram. She sent me a direct message about she wanting to be my stylist, I gave her my number so she could send me photos of what she had available. I ordered some items, she asked for the money to be sent which was normal for me because I had other people I regularly buy from that I send them money and they deliver, so I didn’t even suspect anything when she asked for the money to be sent. This happened on the 26th of May, till date, she won’t answer calls or reply messages; even if she does she will just go like, “ok” and “I will call you in 30mins”. Until recently, it just hit me that I should alert the public so that they don’t fall victim like I did.

As One Person That Has Been Faced By Such People (The Social Media Scammers), Would You Say There Are No Mechanisms To Check And Balance Who Buys Or Sells On Social Media?

This is really an eye opener for me. I think with this experience I will hesitate to do business on social media unless it’s an old customer of mine.

Is It A Case Of The Buyer Been ‘Greedy’ As To Believe Anything Just For The Sake Of The Price Going For A Lower Bargain?

No it’s not the case with this situation. As an actress, I sometimes get people come up with offers. Some people won’t even want to sell, they want just the advertisement, and some will want to do half payment like this lady proposed. It comes with my job as an actress.

What Is Your Candid Advice To The Social Media Authorities As To When Alarms On Scammers Are Made?

I don’t think the authorities have much to do, we can report the page. They may or may not take the account down, even if they take it down, different accounts can be created; so the real thing is been vigilant when shopping online. You never know who is behind the account you doing business with.


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