‘I Cried As He Unzipped His Trousers’ – Actress Accuses Steven Seagal Of Assault

Rachel Grant, an actress known for her role in James Bond film ‘Die Another Day’, has accused Steven Seagal of sexual assault.

The actress said Seagal took advantage of her in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 2002.

Narrating the alleged incident to BBC, Grant said: “He asked me to take my top off which I didn’t. I said no. He asked me to sit on the bed which I didn’t.

“Somehow, he managed to force my top down so I was exposed on top. I was extremely embarrassed. Somehow, he put me on the bed, forced me back down.

“I just remember him saying maybe you want to see my private parts. I just remembered being on the bed and seeing that he was undoing his zip and I just burst into tears. I couldn’t take it anymore and he stopped.

“It’s really odd how people say why didn’t you come out at the time. Well I can tell you, when something like that happens to you, you don’t want to talk about it.”

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Grant said she could not share the incident with anyone because she “was embarrassed, ashamed, I blamed myself”.

The actress added that, “I  have chosen to share it because I want people to know that it actually makes sense to talk about it a long time after it happens”.

Seagal has denied the existence of a sexual encounter between him and the actress.

“Our client denies having such contact with Ms Grant and further vehemently denies any alleged assault at all, in particular, the alleged assault occurring in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 2002,” the actor’s lawyers said.

Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, James Franco and Aziz Ansari are some of the Hollywood stars who have been accused of sexual assault and misconduct in recent time.


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