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COVID-19: Angola Tests Air Travel Passengers From S. Africa, Portugal And Brazil

Angola has imposed fresh restrictions on air travel passengers to prevent the importation of the coronavirus variants. On Wednesday, the Central African nation recorded 82 confirmed cases.

Travelers from Brazil and Portugal will have to provide a negative test of the virus before being allowed entry into the country.

This new measure is in response to reports of the virus variants in the aforementioned nations.

“The trip went well without any danger, thank God, we flew well, in tranquility, really, and I am amazed at the organization we saw here at the airport, an organization that deserves to be greeted, may it continue”, Pedro Gomes, traveler from Portugal via Germany said.

Franco Mufinda is the Deputy Minister of Health and spokesman of the Commission for the fight against Covid-19. He said services will resume normally once no case is detected.

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“We will continue to work until the 23rd so that the suspension of flights with South Africa, Brazil and Portugal takes place on the 24th. When no more cases are detected, we will resume our services to welcome those who wish to come to Angola”, he said.

According to the country’s health ministry, the cases were reported in a single day. The cases include children and adults, ranging from 4 and 72 years. Angola has reported 19, 093 cases with 444 deaths. There are currently 1,728 active cases and 16,921 people have recovered.


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