Court told of alleged murder plot involving Krejcir

Radovan Krejcir (File, Jenni Evans, News24)
Johannesburg – The Germiston Magistrate’s Court heard on Wednesday how a Lebanese businessman died in a hail of AK47 and R5 bullets while sitting in his black Audi Q7 in the upmarket area of Bedfordview on October 12, 2013. Thirty bullet casings were found at the scene.

This emerged during the bail application of Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir and co-accused Lybohir Grigorov from Bulgaria.

The two face nine charges, including premeditated murder and robbery with aggravating circumstances, along with their co-accused Mfaniseni Memela, Nkanyiso Mafunda and Siboniso Miya.

All have been linked to the murder of Sam Issa. Only Krejcir and Grigorov were applying for bail on Wednesday, but all five accused were in the dock.

Prosecutor Lawrence Gcaba read a lengthy affidavit by police officer Batho Bakae Mogala in opposition of bail, which said there was a dispute between Krejcir and Issa over R500 000 he had arranged as a loan for Issa who at the time was facing fraud charges. An argument broke out when Issa did not repay the money after the case against him was withdrawn.

Krejcir thinner-looking

In the course of his investigations, Mogala found that Krejcir was an associate of Issa for many years, and had got to know Grigorov.

Much of the information contained in Mogala’s statement has been reported extensively, such as the rigging of a VW Polo with remote-controlled weapons in Bedfordview in July 2013. Mogala’s statement said that Krejcir believed Issa had been involved in this.

”As a result applicant one and two [Krejcir and Grigorov] together with their co-accused conspired to kill the deceased [Issa],” read Gcaba from the statement as the five accused listened. A thinner-looking Krejcir occasionally took notes in the dock.

The investigating officer said that Krejcir’s son Dennis, who has since returned to the Czech Republic, was part of the conspiracy to have Issa killed.

Between July and September 2013, Krejcir, Grigorov and Memela, as well as Mafunda and Miya, allegedly conspired to rob Issa and then kill him.

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On September 3, Issa was robbed of cocaine, rifles, ammunition and watches but he escaped unharmed and opened a case of house robbery with the police.

Between September and October 2013, Krejcir and Grigorov, and the other three, plus Dennis Krejcir, ”again conspired to kill the deceased”.

Issa was shot at allegedly by Memela, Mafunda and Miya who were driving in a white Ford Ranger fitted with a siren and blue light, allegedly arranged by Krejcir and Grigorov.

Police linked the vehicle to Issa’s death and recovered an AK47 believed to have been used in the shooting. Investigators also believe they can place the five and ”other suspects” in Issa’s company from the night of October 11, 2013 to the morning of October 12, 2013.

The State alleges Krejcir ordered the hit, acting in common purpose with Grigorov, the other three men and Dennis Krejcir.


The five are charged with:
– conspiracy to commit murder between July and September 2013;
– conspiracy to commit robbery with aggravating circumstances between July and September 2013;

Robbery with aggravating circumstances on September 3, 2013;
– Possession of firearms on September 3, 2013;
– Possession of ammunition on September 3, 2013;
– Conspiracy to commit murder between September and October 2013;
– Murder on October 12, 2013;
– Possession of prohibited fully automatic rifles between September and October 2013;
– and, possession of ammunition during September and October 2013.

During his testimony, Gcaba said Krejcir had earlier been found guilty of fraud and sentenced in the Czech Republic. He had then fled to the Seychelles, ending up in South Africa.

He also allegedly owned two Seychelles passports, one in a fake name and another with the photograph altered.

The case continues.



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