Couple Used There Disable Child For Money Ritual In Ghana

A couple have actually been jailed in Ghana for purportedly killing their disabled child for money ritual.

A couple in Ghana, Kwabena and Mary Abena, both residents at Abomsu in the Eastern region of the country, have been arrested by the police for allegedly killing their physically challenged child, for money rituals after they were instructed to do so by a native doctor, GhanaWeb reports.

It was gathered that the native doctor identified as Mallam Nurudeen, had allegedly told the couple that the child was a spirit child and was a bad omen to them and that the only way they could become rich was to use the child for money sacrifice and they went ahead to murder the innocent child.

The report has it that Mallam Nurudeen had ordered Kwabena and his wife to bring their child, who according to them, him could neither walk, talk nor do anything. On the orders of the mallam, the suspects reportedly brought the child before the Mallam who allegedly ordered them to use their hand to kill the child.

The secret was blown open when family members asked for the whereabouts of the child and when the parents could not give a reasonable answer, they invited the police and during interrogation, they opened up to their evil deed.

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