Coronavirus: This Is Not The Time For Stupid Jokes – Ghanaian Movie Producer, Ola Michael Slams Kwaku Manu, Lilwin

Ghanaian movie producer, Michael Ola, has rebuked Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin and Kwaku Manu for joking about the coronavirus pandemic.

The outspoken movie producer shared photos of the two actors using inappropriate materials as nose masks on Facebook.

He condemned their actions and stated that this is not the time for such jokes.

Ola wrote: “THIS IS NO TIME FOR STUPID JOKES. In the film industry, there are producers, directors, actors and the general crew. If we allow some of these actors to produce cus they have no one to call them for a shoot, this is the likely nonsense we will get.

“Producers struggle to gather money for the productions we have been witnessing and Yes, they are all Indie producers. Most of the crew are very educated and know what to do and what not to do. This is not a time to joke when people are dying in numbers across the world. This is time for Civic responsibilities but the question needs to be asked; these two, how much do they know about the coronavirus?”

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He added: “You can only teach what u know but if you are empty, you obviously get occupied by stupid jokes. There is time for everything, this is definitely not a time for the worthless jokes and politics! Together we can win this fight against the devilish COVID -19. Shalom.”




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