Controversial Malawian Pastor Shepherd Bushiri Gifts Wife A G-Wagon For Her Birthday (Photos)


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri of Malawi recently gifted his wife, Mary Bushiri, a G-Wagon for her birthday.

And this was after the wife had given him a Rolls Royce for his birthday just last month. This pair are swimming in money.

“I appreciate you and cherish you for your love and support. You believed in me when I was nobody now its your time to enjoy on your birthday. On behalf of ECG church, Shepherd Bushiri Investments RSA, Dubai, USA and UK, I would like to say, happy birthday.” Bushiri wrote on social media.

Bushiri is a prophet most famous for once pretending to be able to walk on air and also for pretending to be able to spiritually snap a photo on an iPad. All his miracles are easily debunkable if you’re just paying attention.

Photos of the G-Wagon gift below…



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