Confidential: “I Plan To Leave My ‘Fruit Seller’ Boyfriend Who Took Care Of Me Before I Attained My New Status….What can I do?”

I am a young woman of 26 years. My two parents died when I was just 14 years old. I had to be forced to stop school because nobody could take care of my schooling.

I later met a young man when I was 16, and fortunately for me, he made me go back to the school benches. He was selling fruit on the street just to pay my school fees. He then had a job as a truck driver and was able to send me to college.

Now I work as a lawyer, the problem now is that I feel I can no longer continue in this relationship because I feel that my boyfriend has a level too low for me and he is not the Kind of husband I would like to have.

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How can I tell him he is not my kind of man without hurting him?

I am grateful that he sent me to school and took care of me all these years, I am aware of it but I can no longer continue in this relationship and display myself with him in the eyes of all . I want someone from my social rank and not a truck driver.

How am I going to appear before my colleagues with him? I do not know what to do … Help me please!


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