‘Come To My House’ Is One Of The Reasons Why Some Men Are Single – Nigerian Filmmaker

Nigerian Filmmaker, Akinbosola Ogunsanya has revealed that men inviting women they just met to their house is one of the reasons why they are still single and undateable.

The young man, who prides himself as a relationship expert, took to his instagram account to share reasons why some men are single, lonely and undateable.

He said women are turned off by men asking them to come over, and advised men to change to a more romantic approach. According to him, men should ask their love interest out on a proper date, take her to a fancy restaurant and chat over a bottle of wine.

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@mrakinbosola on Instagram wrote,

“After meeting a lady and few days into talking, some men usually drop the dreaded “come to my house” line which is a major turn off. Women are automatically turned off when a guy they just met or started talking to ask them to come over to their place.

Dear men, instead of doing this, ask her out on a proper date, woo her by taking her to a fancy restaurant and chat over a bottle of wine. It works every time”


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