Coacaine Lady Shares Her Opinion About Relationships, Says She Expects Her Man To Cover Rent & Chop Money

Nigerian Twitter user, Uduak, who got sniffed by NDLEA after a public disagreement with her friend over cocaine usage and wifi stealing, is back on our radar.

She shared her opinion on what she expects in a relationship.

According to her, if she’s in relationship, she expects her man to pay rent, groceries and also provide chop money which she linked to being the least thing he can do for her.

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Well, her unpopular opinion has gone viral and reactions are trailing the tweet.

See her tweet below.

See people’s reaction to the tweet.

Well, she didnt back off and she maintained her stance, coming at those who mentioned her. She mentioned that it wasn’t her fault everyone who disagreed with her are poor.


Source: Gistreel


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