Chrissy Teigen Talks About Her Durban Boyfriend And Teases An Entanglement With Nando’s

In case you missed it, as Jada Pinkett Smith got candid about her relationship entanglement with August Alsina this weekend, Chrissy Teigen got into a potential entanglement of her own, with Nando’s SA.

The former model turned chef responded to a fan on Twitter asking her what her favourite food from South Africa was. “Bunny chow!” she said.

Another commented that she was surprised it wasn’t every South African’s favourite, Nando’s, to which she replied: “I loved Nando’s when I had it in South Africa. One I tried London and DC, they lost me. Was just… different. Maybe it’s all in my head!”

Nando’s saw the tweet and hilariously responded to Chrissy though: “Let’s get in an entanglement when you come back to Mzansi?”

The 34-year-old replied: “Oh my god lol,” but not before revealing some more details about her time in South Africa.


She said in response to fans that she actually had a boyfriend in Durban who often cooked for her.

“One of my favourite places on earth!” she gushed about South Africa.

On her favourite city, she said: “I love Cape Town.”

She added though, with her signature Chrissy Teigen wit: “But I did get extremely effed up at the Durban July and had an incredible time.

“I really love the entire country, I can’t pick an area. It is incredibly special.”

We concur, Chrissy. We concur.

South Africans were quick to respond to Chrissy’s confession.


“There is a Durban lad walking around telling everyone at the braai how he dated Chrissy Teigen rn. What a flex,” one user tweeted.


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