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Cardi B Threatens To Respond With AK47s To Weapons Formed Against Her

Cardi B has threatened that any weapon formed against her will be greeted with greater violence.


The rapper made this known on Twitter after a weekend spent slamming fans who called her out for her tweet to Madonna.


Madonna had written on her Instagram Stories that she paved the way for women like Cardi B, Miley Cyrus, and Kim Kardashian.



Cardi saw the post as an affront and slammed Madonna. She said she paid homage many times to Madonna because she saw her as an icon. She added that many icons end up becoming disappointments.



Later, she returned to Twitter to reveal that she has spoken to Madonna and they have come to an understanding.


Madonna professed love for Cardi and the rapper responded in kind.




However, Cardi made it clear that she will always defend herself if anyone comes for her.


“All weapons formed against me shall be greeted with ak47s,” she tweeted.




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