Cardi B Disses Megan Thee Stallion By Liking A Derogatory Post That Questioned Her Education

There have been rumours of an online beef between Cardi B and rapper Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi seems to have given credence to that rumour by liking a post calling out rival female rapper Megan.


Megan has been doing her best to be civil with Cardi. She even reached out to Cardi to organize a collaboration. But Cardi hasn’t been reciprocating.


Things only got worse when one of Cardi B’s fan pages threw shade at Megan. Megan misspelled the word “complement” in an Instagram post and one of Cardi B’s fan page shamed her for it.

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The page sarcastically wrote: “Is this y’all’s college scholar you n*ggas brag about?”


And Cardi reacted by liking the post calling out Megan.

Megan claims to be currently enrolled in Texas Southern University as a junior and that her major is health administration.


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