Cardi B, Bernie Sanders Heavily Criticise Donald Trump on Instagram Live: “He’s Clueless”

American rapper Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar popularly known as Cardi B has taken to her social media page to call for change in her country.

The coronavirus pandemic has seen celebrities over the world try to keep their fans entertained while also hosting live video chats where they interact with them.

Cardi B is one of these celebs keeping her fans entertained, but beyond that, she is also educating her fans about the state of their country.

On Wednesday, April 15, she organised an Instagram live chat joined by American senator Bernie Sanders, where they discussed different topics including coronavirus.

While discussing with the senator, the rapper stated that the American government is not doing right by its citizens and instead of them apologising and doing better, they only blamed others.

She compared the reaction of the government during the time of Ebola to this period of coronavirus.

The mother of one said that she feels that America put trading before its citizens.

The two also went at Donald Trump for always ignoring the problem and not finding solutions when it mattered.

Cardi definitely knows her politics as she talked about Trump not being informed and diverting answers.

“We are in this mess because of him, he could have avoided this in January. When Coronavirus was becoming trendy in America, a lot of people thought it would be prejudice to close the borders from China to America, but why was it not the same when we locked the borders (for areas affected with Ebola) in Africa when it did not even get here?” Cardi questioned.

She thought an apology would be fitting but Sanders said the president never apologises but blames people as he did with WHO.

“He does not apologise, lies and blames other people. He did not listen to the scientist. Right now he is blaming the WHO who are working to help find a way to treat this disease. Trump does not want the truth,” Sanders said.


Cardi seems set to join politics as she once disclosed to admiring leadership, but said she was not a fan of the running government.

The rapper has been one of the celebrities to voice her concerns and show distress during this period.

She recently went on Instagram warning people to be careful about the coronavirus and take care, in a video that gave rise to her coronavirus adlib.

The small video was later turned into a song by a creative who shared it online and it became one of the most trending songs in just a few weeks.


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