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Cardi B and Offset Unfollow Each Other on IG

Cardi B, the US musician, and her husband, Offset, have unfollowed each other on Instagram, sparking speculation that they are no longer together.

In a series of Instagram stories posted on Monday, the rapper stated that she is ready to prioritize herself.

Cardi B stated that she has “outgrown” certain relationships and will no longer shield others’ “feelings.”

“You know when you just outgrow relationships,” she wrote.

“I am tired of protecting people’s feelings… I gotta put myself first”.

Offset, on the other hand, also shared a cryptic message around the same time as his wife on his Instagram story.

The post was a clip from the movie ‘Scarface’, where Al Pacino’s character said: “Hey f**k you, man! Who put this thing together? Me! Who do I trust? Me!”

It’s unclear whether the post is related to his marriage to Cardi B.

Cardi B and Offset married in a low-key ceremony in 2017.

Their first kid, Kulture, was born in 2018, and their second child, Wave, is due in 2021.

Their marriage was jeopardized in 2020 when Cardi B filed for divorce due to suspicions of infidelity against her spouse. They eventually made up.

Offset accused Cardi B of cheating on him in June, saying she had s.ex with another man.

Cardi B warned Offset to quit “acting stupid” in response to her husband’s charges.

She stated that she could not have se.xual relations with any ordinary male in the music industry because they would divulge her secrets.

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