Canadian Police Using Rap Lyrics To Encourage Road Safety


One Canadian police department’s attempt to encourage road safety during the icy winter months turned into a viral trend that wound up spreading across the country. On Nov. 24, Kindersley Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Saskatchewan posted a message to their Facebook page parodying Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” to encourage residents to be mindful of icy conditions on local roads. UPI reports:


“To the extreme I rock winter tires like a toboggan. Put your seatbelt on so you don’t hit your noggin,” an excerpt from the post read. The post then went on to encourage drivers to slow down to accommodate the weather conditions. The post quickly incited responses from police departments in Alberta and Prince Albert among others, who created their own parodies of Flo-Rida’s “Low” and Jay Z’s “99 Problems” respectively.

The woman behind the post, 27-year-old Meghan Mochoruk, told The Star that she came up with the idea in July of last year. “We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to reach out to the public and get them to read the safety messages that we send out,” she said. Mochoruk also made a follow up Facebook post, thanking the other police departments as well as the public and the media for helping to spread her message.

“Whether or not our raps help you to drive more cautiously when you get behind the wheel, we are proud that we could bring public awareness to safe driving in the winter and we hope you think about our icy rap next time you get into your vehicle,” she wrote.


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