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Canadian Duo Neon Dreams Teams Up With SA’s Mthandazo Gatya On New Track

Canadian duo Neon Dreams has teamed up with South African singer Mthandazo Gatya on a new track called Say It Out Loud.

According to a teaser shared by the band on Soundcloud, they immediately fell in love with Mthandazo’s music when they heard it for the first time.

Neon Dreams recently visited South Africa, performing at intimate shows after their track Life Without Fantasies climbed local charts gaining them a large South African fanbase.


“While we were going viral with Life Without Fantasies in South Africa, we went all the way up to number two (on a music chart), and we were so excited, we thought we were going to hit number one, and it never happened,” vocalist Frank Kadillac said in a preview of the song, explaining how the collaboration with Mthandazo came about.

“A few weeks went by, and we were like, who’s in front of us? We never even bothered to check. So, we checked. It was this guy named Mthandazo. His music was so beautiful. Like, I mean, that makes sense why he was number one. He has such an earthly, worldly vibe to him. And I didn’t know what he was saying; I just loved the song so much.”

After writing Say It Out Loud, Frank says he realised something was missing from the track, so he decided to reach out to Mthandazo. “In one take, he came back with something incredible.”

The video for the track was filmed by renowned SA director Kyle White.

Watch Say It Out Loud below:




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