British Singer, Elton John Turns On The TV Just To Watch The Queen’s Christmas Discourse

It appears Sir Elton John is tied in with keeping things genuine on Christmas Day – which implies no diversions like TVs or cellphones.

The pop veteran says he wants to spend Christmas “making the most of our presents, playing amusements and tuning in to ditties” as opposed to being stuck to the TV, Daily Mail reports.

Be that as it may, there’s one exemption, the 71-year-old concedes. “We watch the Queen’s discourse. Beside that, we will in general keep the television changed off to make our time together additional uncommon.”

The singer, who shares sons Zachary (7) and Elijah (5) with husband David Furnish, told the UK’s Radio Times he really wishes people would spend “meaningful time face-to-face with family and friends”.

And this extends to his wishes for 2019, which include the hope that “people can spend less time on their phones”.

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“I love the benefits that technology has given us but . . . nothing beats a lively conversation and huge laughs.”

Elton continues to enjoy massive success five decades into his career. Ironically, it’s now largely due to another kind of technology – streaming services.

He shared a post on Instagram in which he thanks fans for “such a great year on Spotify” and shares his figures.


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