Britain Banned 1,300 ‘Ruffians’ From Travelling To World Cup

Britain has restricted in excess of 1,300 known “evildoers” from making a trip to Russia for the World Cup finals, requesting they surrender their travel papers, the administration said on Wednesday.

Authorities requested the “troublemakers with a background marked by football-related confusion,” every one of whom had been issued with football restricting requests, to turn in their travel papers to police a week ago, the Home Office said.

Police said it had gotten 1,254 of the travel permits by Wednesday and wanted to seek after the rest of the 58, holding the reports until the point that the competition closes on July 15.

“The World Cup is a festival of football and is no place for violence or disorder,” said Nick Hurd, a minister responsible for policing.

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“The UK’s system of football banning orders is unique and means that people intent on causing trouble in Russia will instead be staying at home,” Hurd said.

He thanked the police for ensuring that “these thugs won’t be able to ruin the tournament for real fans.”

The governor said some 10,000 fans are expected to travel from Britain to Russia for the World Cup.

England is the only team from the UK to qualify for the finals where they meet Belgium, Panama and Tunisia.


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