Bridesmaid Disinvited From Wedding For Looking Better Than Bride

A bridesmaid’s invitation to a wedding was revoked because she looked better than the bride.


Alena Yildiz, from Germany, shared her story, saying “My close friend uninvited me to her wedding because she thought I looked too good in the dress she chose for me.”


She added: “Still took some fire pics in it though.”


Bridesmaid disinvited from wedding for looking better than bride


Yildiz opened up to Insider that other bridesmaids also wore stunning dresses but the bride had a problem with her alone and she was being treated differently from the other bridesmaids.


The bridesmaid said: “All of our other friends wore extravagant dresses as well, but she only had a problem with me.”

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Yildiz claims the bride was insecure and told her that the dress was “too attention-grabbing.”


Bridesmaid disinvited from wedding for looking better than bride


The bridesmaid blamed the bride and said that if she thought the dress would be too sexy on any of the 6 bridesmaids, she should have chosen an uglier garment.


Meanwhile, the friendship between Yildiz and the bride is over.


Yildz said: “It made me feel like I had no value to her as a friend.”


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