“Break Up With Her, She Is Just Using You” – Kenyans To Betty Kyallo’s ‘Mystery Man’

Fans dislike it when you put them in the dark or leave them hanging with an orange signal that keeps saying ¨wait¨.

TV beauty queen, Betty Kyallo’s love life is exactly a true story on that line. Fans have waited enough, and are still waiting but now they are using all they can to push Betty to unveil her man.

From threats, to patching an arm here and a leg there, to just giving up and rubbishing that probably no man really exits in Betty’s life.

Recently, a flattered Betty shared a photo of ´her man´ wiping off something on her lips, and she could only look away.

She cryptically captioned:

How’s the rain treating you this evening?

We all have those moments, and we just can’t help it.

However, the crux of the matter here is that only a hand was captured, the body all hidden.

Fans are honestly tired. Bashing the bubbly personality, they commented:

Tumechoka kuonyeshwa vitu nusunusu,utuonyeshe once au uache. Aiiiii


Aki hiyo mkono inanikalia familiar…likes tu tano namtag😂😂


Kesho ni mguu mtaona 😂😂😂


Utuonyeshe msee sasa unatuonyesha nusu nusu kwanini


eee vitu vya mikonono nusunusu hatutaki


@bettymuteikyallo please unatutesa,in dilemma always


eee tunakemea shetani wa vitu nusunusu


As for me en my house tunacheza game ya God😅😅🤝


enyewe umechukua muda kureveal Aki🙈🙈


whose hand was that


Mtu alivumbuliwa kitambo… Online spies awafichiki kitu 😁😂😂


@son_of_the_soil_ uuui kuwa serious,si mnipee clue aki ni nani,ama ni raila amechapwa filters


huyu mrembo aamue moja, @bettymuteikyallo macho haina pasia


nimekua nikieka hizi parts😂😂 nimebakisha sura sasa… @bettymuteikyallo tutasketch the remaining 😂😂

And her reply to fans was:

😅😅😅😅😅 fungeni macho Basi 😂😂


Fans then decided to pour the outrage on her mystery man – where they got him from, I don´t know – but they found him and are now on his case.

A perturbed Betty could not believe the extent to which fans can go just to unveil her man.

With a screenshot of her man´s DM, Betty shared:

As she loudly captioned:

Yoooo! 😂😂😂😂 Boychild why you wanna threaten my “Man” 😂😂😂😂 aki mkona ubaya 😅😅


These are what her fans had to tell her in response:

tunataka kuona mwenye anaendesha meli


@mista_e_kenya ndio ufanye nini? 🤣


@bettymuteikyallo tutosheke tu


ndo tujue ni ukweli unadate ama ni uwongo…wengi wetu tunatafuta watu tudate na wao😎😂😂😂😂


we just want to see our in-law 😂


ndo tujue ka Ni american height au kibuyu ya elianto🙄😂

Personalities including Teacher Wanjiku and Diana Marua could not believe that fans have gone this far:

teacherwanjiku Wait, what did I just read😳😳😂😂😂😂😂😂



what??? Kamati ya roho chafu is real!




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