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Brandy’s Daughter, Sy’Rai Smith Makes her TV Debut On The Real

Brandy’s daughter, Sy’Rai Smith, made her national TV debut on The Real today, Nov, 16.


The 19-year-old talked about her weight loss journey and why she made the decision to shed some weight.


Sy”Rai Smith before


She told the show’s hosts: “I had a lot of health issues when I was at the size that I was.


“My mom was with me through everything. She saw me go through a lot. And I just decided to really take my health seriously. So I changed my mindset, changed my mentality, and I knew that being in the body that I was in … I knew my life wasn’t going to be as long.”


Sy’Rai Smith now


Sy’Rai went viral a few months back after revealing her weight loss transformation on Instagram.


Sy’Rai told The Real hosts that her transformation came with a few mental battles that she had to overcome to remain on the right path.



She said: “I wanted to change because of my health at first. But then, obviously, with health and changing your lifestyle weight loss kind of comes. [And] it did come.

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“I started becoming a little bit more obsessed with the scale, with how I looked, how my body was transforming. And it wasn’t easy to look at myself.

“I did feel pressure to kind of quickly do it, or try and maneuver how I would, you know, ‘Let me not eat this for a week.’ Or, ‘Let me kind of change up everything just to kind of form a little Instagram body,'”


She continued: “I know my body has been through a lot. I always have to remind myself of that. The scars that I have, the stretch marks that I have, everything that my body has been through is for a purpose [and] it’s for a reason.”


Brandy took to Instagram to hail her daughter, writing: “What an amazing human being. I love your spirit and your smile. So brave to walk in your purpose and shine in your truth all up on @therealdaytime.”



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