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Brad Pitt Claims He Has Given Angelina Jolie Millions Since Split

Brad Pitt has hit back at Angelina Jolie, claiming that he has given her millions since they split.

Sources close to Brad Pitt are refuting the reports that he has not paid child support to his estranged wife Angelina Jolie.

Angelina‘s attorney filed papers in the Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday (August 7) that stated Brad “has paid no meaningful child support since separation.” Her rep also released a statement explaining why she is asking for child support.

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Multiple outlets are both reporting the opposite.

Brad has paid “far more than any informal agreement would stipulate and far more than any judge would have ordered paid if there had been such an order,” according to People.

TMZ says that Brad “has given her ‘way, way more’ than the amount he agreed to pay … we’re told the total is in the millions of dollars.”


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