Blake Lively’s Dad, Actor Ernie Lively Is Dead

Hollywood star, Ernie Lively, 74, known for his roles in the Dukes of Hazzard and The X Files has died following cardiac complications.


The father of Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively died with his wife and family at his side.


Ernie was born Ernest Brown Jr. in Baltimore and was an English professor. He also served as a lieutenant in the Vietnam war.


After serving in the Marine Corps he became an actor but was also known for mentoring up and coming stars.


Blake Lively


Ernie stared in dozens of films and TV shows across his career including the X-Files, The Waltons, The West Wing, Mulholland Falls, Seinfeld, and Murder, She Wrote.


He was most famous for his role in Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants where he played the dad of Blake’s character.

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As well as daughter Blake Lively, Ernie has four other children who also act.


Son Jason acted in National Lampoon’s European Vacation, daughter Lori in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and ER, Robyn in Twin Peaks and Doogie Howser, and Eric in So Weird and The L Word.


In 2003, Ernie suffered a massive heart attack and underwent retrograde gene therapy. He was the first patient to undergo the unique heart procedure that involves injecting the patient’s own stem cells into the organ to repair damaged muscle and arteries.


He is survived by his wife Elaine Lively and eight children: Blake, Jason, Eric, Robyn, and Lori, who are all actors, and Bart, Lani, and Ryan.


Lori, Robyn and Jason Lively are Elaine’s children from her previous marriage that he adopted.


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