“Blacks Are Overreacting” – US Rapper Kodak Black on Gucci Racist Sweater

US rapper Kodak Black has stated that he would continue to wear Gucci despite accusations against the designer if being racist.

The accusations came after the designer label released a sweater which got many blacks angry because it reminded them of Blackface.

Many rappers and entertainers have called for a boycott of Gucci designs but Kodak Black isn’t one of them. According to him, Black people are just overreacting.

“See my little Gucci clothes that I bought? And I’ma wear it… I’m black, right? And I’m thug to the bone, right? And I f**k with white people, right? But sometimes black people do be reaching for like no reason. Just be reaching. Them people ain’t do nothing—them people ain’t say nothing bout no racist s**t. Them people just had a little ski mask—there’s all kinds of ski masks in the world.”

He concluded:

“Them people wasn’t on no racist shit. How ’bout yall go shoot up the KKK, then?”

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