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Blac Chyna Wins Bid To Force Ex Rob Kardashian To Stand Trial ‘For Posting Na.ked Revenge P0rn Photos Of Her’


Reality star, Blac Chyna has won her battle to take her ex-fiancé, Rob Kardashian, to a court trial in her lawsuit accusing him of posting ‘revenge porn’ naked photos of her online after they split up.


This comes after Rob, 35, her co-star in the reality show ‘Rob and Chyna’ had claimed that the two reached a settlement agreement in May in which she dropped her lawsuit against him.


But Chyna, 34, denied signing such an agreement and wants her day in court to seek cash damages from Rob, who she dated between 2016 and 2017.


He responded by sending his lawyers to court in Los Angeles to file a motion asking a judge to enforce the ‘settlement’, claiming Chyna was trying to back out of the deal.


On Thursday, June 16, LA Superior Court Judge Gregory Alarcon sided with Chyna and ruled that no legal agreement was reached between the former couple.


He denied Rob’s motion to enforce the settlement agreement his lawyers said they had.


So the revenge porn trial will go ahead, starting this Monday, June 20 – unless Rob and Chyna come to a new financial agreement over the weekend.


In the settlement Rob claimed he and Chyna brokered, she supposedly agreed to drop the revenge porn lawsuit if he got her removed from another unrelated lawsuit brought against both of them by her former friend, Pilot Jones, who accused them of falsely outing him as gay.


His attorney, Todd Eagan, argued on Thursday that the settlement Chyna now says she didn’t sign, was actually agreed upon on May 23 via email by her attorney Lynne Ciani.


He added, that Rob lived up to his side of the bargain by getting Chyna removed from the Jones lawsuit.


‘We performed the request…..And we got the dismissal (of the Jones case), signed by Mr. Jones.’


But now, he said, Ciani is trying to renege on the agreement and push for the revenge porn trial anyway.


’She is trying to re-trade after we performed our part of the agreement,’ said Eagan. ‘It’s a classic bait and switch with them saying now, “We want hundreds and thousands of dollars.”’


Ciani called Eagan’s motion to enforce the settlement he claimed Rob had, ‘absurd’ and ‘preposterous.’



‘There is no binding agreement to enforce,’ she told the court Thursday. ’They are trying to enforce an unenforceable agreement.’


She said that Chyna never agreed to give up her claim to financial damages for the revenge porn lawsuit if the Jones case was dismissed.


‘We have a legal right to go to trial.’


Ciani added that the revenge porn case comes down to money.


‘What X amount of dollars would get this settled,’ she said. ‘If we came up with an amount to agree on, we would not be here today.’


Eagan proposed sending the case to a settlement judge for a ‘negotiated resolution.’


‘The parties do want to settle this case,’ he said. ‘Mr. Kardashian thought he had an agreement.


‘He doesn’t want his daughter in five or 10 years to read about a fight between her parents involving sexually explicit images.’


Ciani countered, saying that Chyna ‘wants her daughter to know that it is not OK to have nude photos posted against your will. Revenge porn is serious – it’s a crime.’


Thursday’s ruling comes after Chyna lost to the Kardashian women in April when the jury in her $108 million defamation lawsuit against the billionaire family awarded her zero in damages.


After Thursday’s ruling, Chyna’s attorney, Lynne Ciani, told,


‘Chyna is very pleased that the trial judge denied Rob’s motion to “enforce” a settlement that never existed.


‘Without a settlement, Chyna will prove her case to a Los Angeles jury on June 20 that Rob posted devastating revenge porn of her to millions of his Instagram followers without her consent.


‘Revenge porn is a very dangerous form of violence predominantly perpetrated against girls and women. Victims of revenge porn typically experience serious anxiety, shame, and helplessness. Some revenge porn victims have committed suicide.


‘Rob Kardashian has never taken responsibility for his heinous and vengeful act of posting revenge porn against Chyna in July 2017.


‘He was never criminally prosecuted. It is finally time for Rob to be held accountable in a court of law.’



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