Being A President Is To Care For Everybody – American-Ghanaian Actor, Michael Blackson

American-Ghanaian-Liberian actor and comedian, Michael Blackson has commented on a statement he made on Twitter about running for President in Ghana for the next twelve years.

In an exclusive interview with Kafui Dey on GTV’s Breakfast show, the Comedian disclosed that being a president is to care for everybody.

“What I believe in running for president is the people have to want you. You can get up and say, I want to be a President. You have to get the feeling that the people want you. They need you, Mike we need you, we like what you believe in, we like what you’re doing, we know you could be a great President, and you seem to care about us. To care about everybody and I think that’s what a real President is all about,” he emphasised.

However, in Ghana, the constitution frowns upon being a citizen of another country and running for a public office or President. In view of that, host Kafui Dey quizzed Mr. Blankson if he is willing to renounce his American citizenship. He responded by saying; I don’t care about American citizenship.

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“I was in America for over 30 years and I just became a citizen like 6 months ago. The main reason why I didn’t fight so hard to get it, is because in America especially in this era, people like to be different. And I have been claiming Africa since day one. I’m one guy, that a lot of famous rappers whether they are rappers, or whatever they are, never really embraced the Africaness. I embraced it from day one and I refuse to let it go,” he asserted.

The multi-award-winning comedian also touched on discipline when it comes to an upbringing in the African setting.

According to Mr. Blankson, he spent most of his African life in Liberia.

“Liberia has that American trait. Liberia wasn’t really like a disciplinary place, nice discipline almost like America. But when I went to Nigeria, those two years, big-time discipline. But I look at it today, it made me who I am today. So, it’s like Ghana is my blood, Liberia, where I was raised. Nigeria disciplined me. These three countries meant a lot to me,” he added.


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