Beautiful Photos Of Kenya’s Richest Female Singer As She Slays In All White

White, being the colour Nairobi women will rock after convincing themselves to do so the entire night.

The first thought one would have when considering white is; will it rain? Hio vumbi, nani ataosha hio nguo sasa?, will i be swiped by a dirty car?

Will someone smear some kind of dirt on them?… So most women will only put on white when they really want to stand out, getting ready for a hot date or are feeling absolutely good and proud of themselves.

Which is why Kenya’s richest female singer, Akothee absolutely kills it every time she steps out in white with no worries in tow. All her white is expensive and was worn during days we believe were really important to her.

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See Photos Below:

1. White for breaking in a new car

2. White for showing them who is the boss 

3. White for a quick photo session

4. White for breaking in absolutely tacky shoes 

5. White for a day in..totally in love with this look! 

6. White to show how supple and feminine one is

7. White to remind foreigners that Kenyans do rock white! 

8. White to stand out…

9. White to get down like your happiness depends on it.




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