BBNaija’s Khloe Frustrated After UK, US and Canadian Embassies Denied Her Visas

Abiri Oluwabusayomi, popularly known a Khloe is not having the greatest week after being denied visa for the sixth time. The former reality TV star and model revealed details of the visa denial on her social media page, where she stated that her applications always return denied.

Khloe who is a Nigerian celebrity with over 500,000 followers on Instagram has been denied visa to the UK, three times, to the US, twice and to Canada once. The frustrated Khloe expressed her grievances on social media and demanded that embassies should consider refunding denied applicants their application fee.

Some will argue that getting a visa with the right documents is very easy and some others will say the process is frustrating and they will rather give up than keep trying. For Khloe who’s plan is to enjoy vacation in these foreign countries, it’s been an annoying process. She claimed that despite providing the right documents, they still find a way to turn her down.

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Worse, every denial is a stain on her record as it might hurt her future chances. She also expressed disappointment that it is easy for foreigners to come into Nigeria and even thrive in the challenging economy but the same hand isn’t extended to Nigerians.

Read her post below:


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