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BBN Housemate, Mercy Smashes Gedoni’s Phone As Fight Broke Out

Fighting after every Saturday night’s party has become a tradition for the Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem housemates.

Thelma and Omashola argued over invasion of privacy last week and afterwards between Tasha and Mike over getting tipsy.

Last night, we had to witness another between Mercy and Gedoni over Diane getting tipsy, which took a different turn as Mercy smashed Gedoni’s phone while standing up for an inebriated Diane.

What started as a fun Saturday Night Party with DJ Kaywise on the deck soon turned ugly, in the bid to stop Gedoni from recording a video of a tipsy Diane.

Mercy’s Side of the Story:

Mercy claimed she was Infuriated by Gedoni recording video of Diane after he was warned not to do so, hence her reaction. In her defence, she put the blame entirely on Gedoni claiming he provoked her.

“I was telling him don’t do the video and he kept provoking me,” she explained. She regretted falling for what she termed Gedoni’s mind game which might earn her a Strike or disqualification.

Still upset as she explained to Thelma and Ike, Mercy regretted not causing more damage. “My only regret is not breaking it on his f**king ugly face,” she stated. Ike wasn’t spared her tirade as she blamed him for also taking part in making videos of Diane.



According to Gedoni, he was one of the first few people who saw Diane in her intoxicated state. He wondered why Mercy flipped on him seeing as she wasn’t aware of the state her friend was in.

However, he did own up to recording videos but immediately apologized when he was cautioned. It was Mercy’s threat to smash the phone if he continued that prompted him to give it to her which resulted in her smashing it.

Ike’s response to Mercy’s action:

Not only do they steal Coins together, but they are also willing to go down with each other. Like the faithful lover that he was, Ike insisted he was willing to take a Strike for Mercy by going to beat Gedoni up for her. He even went ahead and agreed with Mercy to attack Gedoni should she get disqualified for smashing the phone while trying to pacify her.

Coincidentally, Ike and Mercy were at each other’s neck after the Saturday Night Party last week. An altercation that almost threatened their relationship.

Is the tradition of fighting after-party night, a result of Sunday night eviction’s tension in the house or a strategy to keep us entertained?

However, all housemates are up for possible eviction later today.


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