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Avoid MEN And Overcrowded Places Like Your Boyfriend’s Heart” – Kenyan MP Millie Odhiambo Gives Tips On How To Avoid Contracting Coronavirus (Video)

A Kenyan MP,  Millie Odhiambo has shared few lighthearted tips on how to avoid contracting coronavirus.


The Kenyan lawmaker who shared the tips while addressing the country’s National Assembly days ago, told Kenyans to avoid “avoiding men (mouth, eyes and nose)” as well as overcrowded places “like your boyfriend’s heart”.


Odhiambo said;


“Madam Speaker I just want to say that one of the guides that somebody has sent on my Facebook, that I think would be very good is to avoid men. The men is coded for mouth, eyes and nose … someone jokingly has also said ‘avoid overcrowded places like your boyfriend’s heart’.”

The lawmaker’s tips has left many social media users in stitches, with many hailing her for using a familiar narrative to drive her point home.


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