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Australian Singer Sia Gives Stinging Response To Taylor Swift Fans Who Take A Swipe At Her

American Songstress, Taylor Swift’s fans have decidd to channel their anger against Australian singer Sia after a picture of her in ‘blackface’ went viral this week

Online Trolls slams her back hard after Sia voiced her support for music exec Scooter Braun, who Taylor accused of not only ‘bullying’ her throughout the years, but also purchasing the rights to her music catalogue, which she claims he didn’t give her an opportunity to buy first-hand.

Sia tweeted; “You’re a good kind man @scooterbraun I hope this passes quickly. I love you keep going.”

But Taylor’s hardcore legion of fans saw red and managed to meticulously comb through her social media (they should seriously be P.I.s) to find the controversial pic of the singer.

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The picture in question – which features a smiling Sia seemingly in blackface – quickly went viral and calls to boycott the Cheap Thrills star quickly followed.

However, Sia managed to explain herself out of what was potentially a really incriminating situation
“For the swift fans trying to make out that I would ever do blackface please see this video.

“I was painting myself into the backdrop, it was a pre cursor to the wig.”

This should serve as a stark reminder to all – NEVER go against Queen Taylor – or Beyoncé for that matter – their fans will sink your career in a heartbeat!


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