Anytime You Masturbate Demons Rejoice In The Spiritual Realms – Ghanaian Counselor

Counsellor Charlotte Oduro has admonished men and women to desist from masturbating.

According to her, the act is not only sacrilegious but also perilous to the health of people indulged in the act.

She noted that currently, several people are involved in the act and that has caused several marriages because husband are not able to satisfy their wives and vice versa.

“Your wife is doing everything to satisfy you sexually but you don’t like it. You just want to be alone and use soap to satisfy yourself. Is that normal? Ask yourself this, is it healthy? It is killing you, some of you you’ve done it for years now when you do it blood comes but you are still doing it.

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Do you know why you can’t stop it, it’s demonic. When the thing possesses you, it takes God to heal you. That is why you’re feeling pain, blood is oozing, doctors are giving you warnings but you still can’t do it. You’ve tried everything to stop it but anytime you try you cannot.|

She indicated that individuals involved in the act need the strength of the lord to fight the act because in the demonic realms, that’s one of the things they celebrate.


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