Animal Rights Activist Accuses Cardi B and Funny Toheeb of Animal Cruelty

A foreign dancer and an animal rights activist identified as Kenya has called out American rapper Cardi B and Funny Toheeb over the usage of feathers and live chickens in their Instagram photos.

If you recollect, Funny Toheeb had made a parody photo of Cardi B clad in a beautiful pink gown adorned with huge feathers.

In his replica photo, which was not devoid of humour, Funny Toheeb had made use of live chickens, which didn’t go well with the dancer who also is an animal rights activist.

She took to her Instagram page to call out the duo and expressed how disgusted she was seeing them being cruel to the chicken. And even went further to mention that the photo is not funny:

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Watch the video:


Honestly, reading the comments on this post makes me sick to my stomach. How could ANYONE think that this is funny? Chickens are BEAUTIFUL and SENTIENT animals. We’ve objectified them for so long- to the point where people don’t see a problem with this.

If this outrages you, like it did me- please go to @funnytoheeb’s (the guy in the picture) instagram as well as @iamcardib’s page and let them know that this is CRUEL. @peta @peta @peta @peta @peta


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