Angola: Angolan Writer Honors In China


Angolan author, Hortencio Cassemene, won Monday the Best Foreign Writer challenge in the People’s Republic of China, product of the book entitled “The Foreigner”.

Addressing Angop on Tuesday, Hortencio Cassemene, creator of “Caminhos” (propelled in 2015 in Luena) communicated fulfillment for the refinement, as it implied perceiving a work for Angolan culture.

His most recent book, “The Foreigner,” covers the parts of self-guide to help individuals in mental, social, and scholarly adjustment forms.

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In it, readers will be able to know the challenges faced by emigrants and the positive ways of responding to adversities in foreign countries.

The 25-year-old author is attending the 4th year of the Computer Science and Technology course at the Telecommunications and Post University of Chongqing.


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