American Singer Lady Gaga, Leads Anti-Trump Protests Across America

Hundreds of angry young Americans including singer Lady Gaga have taken to the streets across the United States holding anti-Trump protests.

Lady Gaga, who has been a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton, marched over to Trump Tower in New York City early morning on Wednesday holding up a sign that read “Love Trumps Hate.”

Anti-Trump protests also started in California soon after Trump was announced President. Protesters took to the streets chanting ”[email protected]*k Donald Trump” and ”Not Our President” as they burned American flags and smashed windows.

Some people set fire to tyres and trash cans as well as an effigy of the President-elect, who will be officially sworn into office in January.

In the capital, a large anti-Trump crowd of about five hundred people gathered outside the White House on Wednesday.

The crowd carried Hillary Clinton campaign posters with some people in tears looking shocked that the real estate tycoon could pull such a stunning upset.

Anti-Trump Protests


The anti-Trump crowd also carried signs that read ”Welcome To Hell” and ”America’s Gonna Hate Again.”

A female protester told reporters she was largely frustrated because America was so close to having a first ever woman president but rather elected a white nationalist guy.

She said:

”I’ve seen this happen with Brexit and I’ve seen this happen around the world and it’s just so saddening to me that this could possibly happen to our nation.”

Another protester said ”I feel extremely disappointed. I’m definitely not proud of the decision but I think we just need to, like every election, come together and you know move forward and do what’s best for the nation.”

Donald Trump beat former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a landslide victory that took everybody by surprise.

He pledged to ”make America great again” by building a wall on the Mexican border, bar Muslims from entering the US and bring back outsourced American jobs.


Written by Adewale Kehinde

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