American Singer, Akon Reveals He Signed Wizkid, Davido And P Square In 2011

Senegalese singer Akon has revealed that he signed Wizkid, Davido and PSquare to his record label years before they became global sensations.

The singer said this in an interview with ‘The Breakfast Club’ on Power 105.1 FM in New York, United States.

Akon was speaking on his contribution to afrobeats and mentioned that he helped Davido build his career.

He referred to Davido as his younger brother who left Atlanta to Nigeria because his music career was not taking off.

The Konvict Music boss also noted that when he left the states, he came to Africa and signed some of the most promising Nigerian acts including Wizkid, Davido and the twin group PSquare who were the most popular Nigerian artistes at the time.

Unfortunately, nothing was written on paper and as such they did not really honour the contract.

He said:

“When I was in Africa I was building afrobeat, while I was there I signed Wizkid, Davido, P Square.

“Davido was like my little brother, you know Davido is originally from Atlanta.

“He started his music career in Atlanta and he decided it’s too much of a struggle here let me just go back home and he went back home and just puffed up.”

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“No he’s doing his own thing now.

“It’s not a matter of letting go, you know Africa contracts don’t really exist, we just shake hands, it’s our world.

“Especially in Nigeria, contracts are not being honoured. Davido and I never had a contract, I was just like a big brother walking him through some things, like advising things like that.”

Akon was then asked why he does not get enough credit for all the artistes he has helped over the years and his reply was that he does not do anything expecting something in return.

He explained that everyone has his destiny and him bringing artistes up is his way of being part of their journey.

“I don’t do anything and expect anything back in return, I just do it from the heart, that’s where I get my blessings.

“Everyone has their destinies and there are going to be people that come into your life that help you fulfill that destiny.

“I just feel like I’m being a part of a lot of people’s destiny. No matter what, there were going to get that success or get that fame and reach that height, with or without me in it.” he said.

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