American Comedian, Ellen DeGeneres Really Wants Kevin Hart To Host The Oscars

Back at the start of December 2018, it was announced that comedian and actor Kevin Hart would host the Oscars.

The following day anti-gay tweets from the 39-year-old resurfaced and he stepped down as a result.

He then apologized to the LGBTQI community.

Now in an upcoming interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Kevin said that he is “evaluating” his recent decision to step down as host of the show.

The talk show host shared a snippet of the hour-long interview that will air on Friday in America. In the snippet – in response to Ellen saying that she believes he should return as host – Kevin said: “Leaving here I promise you I’m evaluating this conversation.”

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In the interview Ellen said that she called the Academy to inform them that Kevin would be on her show, the organization then told her that they want him back as the host.




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