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American Actor, Tyrese Gibson Announces He’s Moving To Abu Dhabi

American actor, Tyrese Gibson has announced he’s moving to the capital of the United Arab Emirates, where he will be opening a branch office for his travel company, Voltron Enterprises in Abu Dhabi

Taking to Instagram to make the major announcement, the ‘Fast and Furious’ star who has already started looking for a full floor at one of the top towers in Abu Dhabi, also plans to have least 10,000 employees and a new executive.

He wrote: ‘To our extended Alnahyan family and local friends in Abu Dhabi and the UAE; I’m so happy to share this delightful news! #VoltronEnterprises are finally opening a branch office of Voltron in Abu Dhabi!!! We are looking for a full floor for our team and staff in one of these towers. Please advise which of these locations is most recommended

1. Aldar Tower
2. Capital plaza Tower
3. ADIA Tower
4. The Galleria

‘Me and my brother Ow ( that’s what I call him ) but his real name is Oweis aka @alfa_ow have been discussing the strategic positioning of Abu Dhabi in the economic world and have finally decided to do it!!’

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‘Please reach out to us directly if you can assist in closing on one of these properties. ( We’re on a budget )…. we will start small and hopefully grow the business into something much bigger and better soon! My partner @alfa_ow Oweis is in UAE and standing by your proposals.’

‘I cannot wait to be there!!!!! The Etihad towers were on the list but the place is too expensive we will hopefully get to that building one day… ( that’s the building that we all wanna get to one day ).’

‘Soon I will have at least 10,000 employees and new executive high-level. A real KING never wants to sit alone, never wants to eat alone, never wants to be alone. As I see these empty seats I am deeply bothered by the notion that I’m alone.’

‘What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul – In my Suge Knight voice: ‘You wanna eat and feed your family COME.’

Tyrese announces he


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