American Actor, Clint Eastwood’s 64-year-Old ‘Secret’ Daughter Revealed

A big night for veteran actor Clint Eastwood turned out to be a night of unintentional revelations when his secret 64-year-old daughter attended the premiere of his latest movie The Mule on 10 December.

Clint infamously has seven children with five different mothers.

But it came as a surprise when his eldest daughter, Laurie Murray, who was given up for adoption as a baby, made it to the family photos and was publicly confirmed as an Eastwood.

On Instagram, Clint’s daughter Francesca captioned a photo the siblings took at the premiere: “All 8 of us together, love my brothers and sisters so much.”

Laurie was at the premiere with her seven siblings Kimber Lynn, Kyle, Francesca, Alison, Kathryn, Morgan and Scott Eastwood, as well as Clint’s long-time partner Christina Sandera and his ex-wife Maggie Johnson.

Apparently, Laurie had made contact with Clint 30 years ago when she searched for her biological parents, the Daily Mail reports.

“Clint Eastwood’s secret daughter, who was given up for adoption by her mother at birth, only discovered the Hollywood legend was her father after a hunt for her biological parents as an adult,” the UK tabloid reports.

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Her mother, who hasn’t been named, had kept the pregnancy from Clint.

“[Laurie] then approached the Academy Award-winning actor, who had no idea that she existed, and the two established a close relationship, sharing a love of golf and the outdoors, and going on family vacations together,” Daily Mail adds.

Laurie was reportedly conceived while Clint was engaged to Maggie.

Although she was first publicly acknowledged as Clint’s daughter on Monday and even reportedly referred to herself as Laurie Eastwood on the night, a family friend anonymously told Daily Mail it was not the first time she’d come out to play with Hollywood stars.

“He took Laurie to the Oscars around the time that he was nominated for Mystic River [2004] with his mom and [now ex-wife] Dina,” the friend said.

According to UK tabloid newspaper Mirror, money was not the motive for Laurie, a mother of two, to make contact with Clint.

The newspaper reports that she’s married to Lowell Thomas Murray III, who comes from “a prominent family in the affluent Washington”.

Mirror also reports that the couple owns numerous properties, including one in Hawaii.


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