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Amazing! See Village In Indonesia Where Dead People Are ROASTED And Stored, Not Buried (Photos)


Dani people are from the central highlands of western New Guinea, Indonesia, have been able to preserve their dead for centuries with smoke.

And though the technique is no longer in use, this tribe in Wogi – a village close to the regional capital, Wamena – has held on to a number of mummies.

Smoking someone over a fire for weeks, or even months, is the ultimate show of respect for the deceased in Dani culture, and has an added benefit.

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The Dani tribe were first encountered by explorers in 1909, when they hosted a Dutch expedition in one village for several nights.

One part of the tribe, the Grand Valley Dani, remained undiscovered until 1938 when an American spotted them from a plane.

Local grub includes sweet potatoes, sago paste cooked in banana leaves, taro and cassava, plus some chicken and pork.

Air travel remains the only way to access the highlands of Papua province, with no roads leading inland.



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