Amazing: American Children Rock Nigerian Outfits


Amazing: American Children Rock Nigerian Outfits

An American woman Sarah Curran who is resident in California has been with Nigerian outfits her friend Natalie Kostich, bought for her children when she visited Nigeria.

Ms Curran who couldn’t hold back her excitement revealed that her friend Natalie visited Lagos, Nigeria where she bought the locally designed clothes for her children.

Little Carolina, Curran’s daughter was said to have rocked the dress all day.

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Sarah added that the children really appreciated the outfit so much that they played all morning in it.

Incredible: American children rock Nigerian clothesIncredible: American children rock Nigerian clothes

American Woman Acknowledges Nigerian Outfits She Got For Her Children

My amazing friend Natalie Kostich sent the kids these beautiful outfits from Nigeria. Caroline played all morning in it, while ‘cooking’ in her kitchen. Thank you so much! We love them!


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