Alleged Reason Why Ghanaian Singer Sarkodie Missed His Performance

Sarkodie was in Dubai for the One African concert. However, he failed to perform after a successful soundcheck and arriving at the venue on time.

Reasons for the failure to perform were rife. Sarkodie even tweeted his apologies for his non-performance.

Now it seems, that reasons for the no-show are trickling in. Keche’s manager, George Britton posted about the incident on his Facebook wall. He stated that one of Davido’s guys attacked Sarkodie’s bodyguard, Black Nana by pushing him to the floor to allow Davido perform. This action generated an ugly scene at the backstage where blows and slaps were exchanged. Therefore, this prompted the Dubai police to arrest certain individuals.

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Sarkodie then replied to Shatta Wale on Twitter:

We hope that the issues are made clearer and therefore resolved accordingly.


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