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Aftermaths Of Regina Daniel’s Induction Into Married Woman Group

Hardly any hours after Nollywood entertainer, Regina Daniels was accepted into the Otu-Udu Group in regard to the Anioma custom, a Facebook user has composed on a supposed outcome that could pursue the enlistment.

Recall that the actress had tied the knot with a billionaire politician, Ned Nwoko, an action which stirred reaction across Nigeria.

The lady that was identified as Onuh Chisom Maryjane, revealed that the induction carries a lot of consequences if the actress cheats on her husband. She wrote:

“The implication of Anioma’s marriage induction ritual”

“1) Regina Daniels is expected to be faithful to her husband and not sleep with another man except him.”

“If conji comes and he is not available or he is tired, she can touch herself by way of masturbation or use a vibrator but she is expressly forbidden to sleep with any other man except Oga Ned Nwoko.”

“If she mistakenly sleeps with another man who is not her husband, the gods will come after her and the punishment in the most instance is death.”

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“If her husband is aware that she is cheating on him and refused to take action, the ritual will come after him and his older kids.”

“The ritual culture was designed to check the excess and curtail the infidelity of women from that part of the world.”

“2) In case her husband happens to be no more, she is not expected to remarry except she goes through another round of ritual to untie herself from the man.”

“If she mistakenly marries another man without doing this, she will die and the ritual will also come after the man that married her without asking a question.”

“In all these, Oga Ned is allowed to sleep with other women and acquire as many trophy wives as possible but none of the wives are permitted to cheat on him.”

“This is the culture of our brothers and sisters in Anioma so I don’t have any personal opinion about it but let’s not forget that there is no free lunch in life, not even in town”


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