Africa: Newborn Baby Survives A Six-Hour Nightmare Inside A 20-Foot Pit Latrine

An infant who survived a six-hour bad dream inside a 20-foot pit latrine is recovering at Karatina Level Four Hospital.

The child kid, whose mother is blamed for surrender, was saved by 29-year-old Ephraim Mwatha Mwangi two days back at Jambo in Karatina town, Nyeri County.

Clinic chief Caroline Gichuki and Nursing Services executive Peninah Muthami said child Uhuru is reacting admirably to treatment.

“The baby is now stable. The mother accepted him and he is being breastfed. He is expected to make a full recovery,” Ms Muthami said on Monday.


The mother, who is also admitted at the hospital after developing birth complications, underwent counselling.

Mr Mwangi said: “I rushed to the scene and found people milling around; some were demolishing the toilet structure but none was willing to climb down to get the baby who was crying. I decided to take the challenge and save a life; it was stinking but a human life is priceless.”

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Mr Moses Karingithi Maregwa, who helped take the baby to hospital in his vehicle, described the rescue as a miracle.

“I was driving by in my vehicle when I saw a group of people flagging me down. I saw a woman carrying a baby covered in human waste. I was shocked to learn it had been rescued after six hours; this is a real God’s miracle,” he said.

It is reported that the mother already has three children.


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