“A MCDonalds Employee Earns More Than a Celebrity in Ghana” – Ghanian Actress, Efia Odo

Daring and controversial actress Efia Odo has taken to her twitter page to speak against the governance structure in Ghana and how it is affecting a lot of citizens. she said except if a citizen of ghana comes from a good home or carries out fraudulent activities, the person has no future.

In her exact words, she tweeted;

There’s no future for us, on God. How much do teachers, bankers, doctors make in Ghana?? It’s either you come from a good home or you’re doing fraud. Our structure in every aspect is horrible!

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In a follow up tweet she added;

Somebody working in McDonalds in America makes more money than most of us celebs in Ghana. Ghana fame brings no money! All this fame and Artists are struggling. The people in position all need to be fired and new age minded people need to be hired. We need a reset button!

The state of affairs in Ghana is in a pretty state and will need a lot of restructuring.


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